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WordPress Websites

Did you know that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world? More than one third of all websites are built on WordPress because it’s flexible, secure, and easy to manage. From landing pages to e-commerce, our team can take on
WordPress projects of any size.

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Mono Websites

We can also build websites on Mono. This service is recommended for businesses that don’t need a fully-customized site. Once they choose their website design from over 40 templates, our Websites team can customize a few things like logo, fonts, and colors.

How do we build websites for your clients?

Confirmation Email

The website team will send a confirmation email and request to schedule the initial consultation call.

Consultation Call

We’ll conduct an initial consultation call to gather additional information to build the website.

First Mock

We send the first mock, which includes a completed homepage, logo, color scheme, and images. We allow one round of revisions.

Second Mock

We build the site and populate it with the content provided. We allow another round of revisions.

Site Publication

Once we get approval and make the final edits, we’ll set the site live on the date discussed with you or your client.

A few common questions...

Are there any required products?

Website Pro is required for Wordpress websites; Mono Websites is required for any website built on Mono; and Task Manager is required for any service.

What's the turnaround for Wordpress websites?

18 production days for Mono and 25 production days for WordPress.

Is there a commitment?

All WordPress sites must be purchased with Website Maintenance & Management on a 12-month commitment. Similarly, all Mono websites must be purchased with Mono: Maintenance & Management on a 12-month commitment as well.