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What is Social Media Content?

In this lesson, you will learn how our team can write and publish engaging posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Houzz. We also create custom images and build social media pages upon request.
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Social Media Posts

Our most popular social media service is Social Posts: 2x Week and it includes 2 posts/week that are published on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also offer add-ons for getting additional posts and publishing to other social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz.
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Social Page Build

Our Social Posts: 2x Week includes the creation of social pages for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your client is not interested in social media posts, you can purchase Social Page Build separately.
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Custom Images

When we create social media content, we try to stick to the images provided by your clients. If they prefer, we can use stock images at no additional cost. Alternatively, they can pay for an add-on to get custom images. It’s important that we set the right expectation about the types of customizations we can make. Today we can add logo, text, shapes, and color filters to images.
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Facebook Post Boosting

We also have an add-on for post boosting. Our team can allocate a monthly budget to boost posts on Facebook and help your clients get more followers and engagement. This is a great opportunity to target a specific audience and find potential customers for your clients.

How do we create social posts for your business?


We’ll have an onboarding call with the SMB to understand their business, audience, and goals.


Before we start drafting the posts, we need to gain access and connect the SMB's social accounts.


Our team of dedicated writers will create the posts and the marketing strategists will schedule them.


Both partners and SMBs can review the posts and request changes before we publish them.


Once the posts are published, they can see the real-time performance on our platform.


If requested, we can call the SMB every month to discuss content ideas and adjust our strategy.


A few common questions...

Are there any required products?

All our social posting services require Task Manager and Social Marketing.

How do we choose images for posts?

We encourage SMBs to send us their own photos. If they're low-quality or the business doesn't have any photos to share, we use stock images from a variety of sources.

Where do partners and SMBs see the posts?

We email all the posts to the SMB for approval. Once they're approved and scheduled, they can be seen by both partner and SMB in Social Marketing.

What's the expected timeline for drafting and publishing posts?

The SMB should be prepared to hear from our team within the first day of the current month to discuss their posts for the following month. This conversation needs to happen by the 15th of the month. The posts will then be prepared by our team, and sent out to the SMB for approval within 10 business days. After that, we will email the client to seek their approval on the posts.