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STRATEGIC & TACTICAL PLAN  (July — December 2020)


Executive Summary
Introduction & Objective
Scholars Professional Editing Group, LLC is, in one sense, in the genesis of its impact on the world .  Scholars Professional Editing Group has great advantages that usually are not afforded to other companies that includes, but is not limited to:
  • Experienced and diligent leadership.
  • Fiscally conservative financial management.
  • Experienced and skilled staff.
  • The support and wisdom of an exeperienced Board of Directors.
  • An innovative mind-set that is quick to learn and adapt.
Scholars Professional Editing Group, LLC can’t afford to lose ground to its competitors as it begins its marketing efforts, especially in light of operating in today's competitive market.
The objective is to achieve a level of  Internet presence for Scholars Professional Editing Group in such a way that leads people through The Customer’s Journey (previously referrenced) that results with these new customers becoming raving fans for Scholars Professional Editing Group (Blanchard, K. H., & Bowles, S. M. (1993). Raving fans: a revolutionary approach to customer service. New York: Morrow).
The right digital marketing agency will help Scholars Professional Editing Group, LLC:
  • Create a compelling business website that drives traffic and customers utilizing the key strategic areas of Listings, Website(s), SEO, Social, Reviews and Advertising.
  • Connect with users across multiple online traffic channels and deliver them to Scholars Professional Editing Group’s website
  • Systematically build meaningful relationships with page visitors and turn them into customers
  • Accurate monthly reporting and analytics
  • Use data to better understand Scholars Professional Editing Group’s target customers and optimize its marketing strategies over the next six months

If Scholars Professional Editing Group doesn't invest in developing an irresistible online presence, it will miss the opportunity to reach an enormous group of new customers. This could result in a loss of market share and hurt the companies’ brand.

Partnering with the right digital agency is the next right step.  I believe that eBusinessWorks is the correct choice.  The mission of eBusinessWorks is to support the success of certain kinds of companies through the deployment of the most advanced digital marketing technology.  eBusinessWorks is a full service digital marketing solution that will support, lead and train the team at Scholars Professional Editing Group to reach the result of Internet presence.

To meet the digital requirement’s Scholars Professional Editing Group, as outlined above, we recommend the services below.
This proposal allows for a maximum of up to two hours per week of additional requested services and/or direct interaction with our Lead Strategist, Ty Alden Gulick, MA.

All information contained herein is the Intellectual Property of eBusinessWorks/Ty Gulick.  All Rights and Copyrights are retained.  This information is not permitted to be shared outside the scope of the legal Staff and Board of The Scholars Professional Editing Group.

What is promised is diligence, passion, innovation and completion of stated work upon the final execution of an agreement.  The cooperation of the Staff and Board is often required for completion of work.  Completion times will vary and may be delayed at times.  Due to the nature of daily changes in Internet technology, as well as varied customer decision-making processes, specific guarantees such as the amount of customer leads or conversions, are not possible.  Financial planning, budgeting, pricing and oversight falls within the scope and responsibility of the Board and Staff of The Scholars Professional Editing Group.  Therefore, eBusinessWorks/Ty Gulick does not make any guarantee or promises regarding revenue generation, nor is responsible for loss of revenue or potential revenue of The Scholars Professional Editing Group.

The recommended services, products and prices can and may be adjusted prior to the execution of an agreement.