What exactly is Listings Management?

In this lesson, you will learn how a team of experts in listings management that can claim online listings in record time and ensure that all your clients’ business information is always accurate and consistent.
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Google My Business Verification & Claim 

Our Marketing Strategists will claim a Google My Business listing and give full ownership to the business while ensuring that their information is accurate. Your clients can also use our platform to see how consumers are engaging with their Google My Business listing.

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Google My Business Posts

Publishing Google My Business posts is a great way to help businesses promote products and services. If you can't spend time creating content, our Marketing Services team can help you by crafting and publishing posts to your client's Google My Business.
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Listing Claim

Similarly to Google My Business, we can claim online listings for other websites like Yelp, Bing Places, TripAdvisor, and Doctors.com.

How do we claim your listing?


We’ll call the SMB to get credentials for a Gmail account associated with their business and gather information such as company name, address, and phone number.


Depending on the listing site we’re claiming, we need to take a few steps like sending a postcard or requesting an automated phone call.


Once the listing is claimed, we edit the business information to match what the SMB gave us on the onboarding call.


A few common questions...

Are there any required products?

Listing Builder and Task Manager are required for any listing service we offer. For Google My Business Posts, we also require Social Marketing.

How long does it take to claim a listing?

It depends on the listing site and where the business is located. For Google My Business, some businesses can be claimed in minutes while others take a few days if we need to send postcard. Sometimes we can claim GMB during the onboarding call using an automated phone call verification.

Do we update the business information?

When we claim listings, we update basic business information such as business name, address, phone, website, and other contact information.

What listings can be claimed through this service?

We can claim Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, TripAdvisor, RateMDs, and Doctor.com. For other listings sites, you can consult our team for availability.